CCI About Us


The Chamber was founded in 1942 by ambitious group of businessmen in the field of chemical industries. More than 71 years later, the Chamber has grown from an initial membership of 346 to more than 9000 businesses.

Domestic Mission

The main role of the Chamber of Chemical Industries is to represent and defend the interests of its members. It also expresses senior state officials to discuss the problems facing the industry.

It consists of 6 industrial divisions:

1- Diversified Chemicals (Fertilizers, Glass, Industrial gases, ....etc). 2- Plastics & Rubber. 3- Detergents. 4- Paints, Inks & Resins. 5- Paper & Cardboard. 6- Waste Management. Each of these divisions represents a main industry of the chemical industries community in Egypt, discussing their problems, putting suggestions about the settlement of these problems before the decision maker, organizing meetings with senior state officials to discuss the problems facing the industry.

International Mission

The Chamber is involved in various activities with the aim of promoting international links and business opportunities:

Creating working relationships with foreign commercial counselors in Egypt, Egyptian embassies aboard as well as economic organizations worldwide.Organizing workshops and seminars concerning chemical industries.Providing our members with updated information about fairs, exhibitions, delegations, economic reviews and other relevant data from all around the world.Hosting delegations and business meetings between our members and their foreign counterparts..


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